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Residents in St. Cloud have a difficult and important decision to make this time of year. More important than what hot dish recipe to bring to the company Christmas Party, and even more important than how you can dress up your dog in Vikings spirit gear. The big question we are talking about is…

Are snow chains a thing of the past?

Snow chains can seem like a thing of the past for some who live in the city. However, if you live anywhere remotely in the country, you understand what it’s like to drive on unplowed roads. Slow and steady will win that race, and snow chains have proven to be extremely helpful.

Pros To Snow Chains

  • They are cheaper than snow tires.

  • They work best in more remote areas and smaller towns that don’t plow as often.

  • They provide deep traction in deep snow.

Cons To Snow Chains

  • Taking snow tires on and off can be incredibly inconvenient. It can be the last thing you want to do before your morning commute.

  • If it is not incredibly snowy, you can damage your tires and your vehicle.

  • You can’t drive quickly. It is not recommended driving over 25 MPH with snow tires.

  • They do not do well for long commutes or distances.

  • They can damage your road or driveways if you drive on them without enough snow.

  • If the chains are too big for your vehicle, you can damage the exterior. We see plenty of vehicles that get beat up from wearing snow chains that are too big for the body.

Although snow chains have been around for nearly a century, we think the best thing to have on your vehicle is snow tires. Consider it a long term investment. They will not damage your vehicle, your driveway, and there is not a statute of limitations on where you can go!

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