Honda Lease Deals & Finance Specials in Waite Park, MN

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New Honda Lease Deals and Finance Specials in Waite Park, MN

Interested in driving a new Honda car, SUV, pickup, or minivan? Honda vehicles hold their re-sale value well because they're built to be durable. Luther St. Cloud Honda has a massive inventory of new vehicles at competitive prices. Our broad selection includes a wide variety of body styles and trims. People in Waite Park, MN who want top-notch features like navigation, wireless smartphone chargers, sunroofs, and leather upholstery should look into leasing a Honda. With a Honda lease, St. Cloud drivers can enjoy a nicer vehicle and make lower payments.

An Vast Selection of New Honda Vehicles

Luther St. Cloud Honda has a wide array of cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans in stock, so people in Sauk Rapids are sure to find one that's perfect for them. Our selection includes: 

  • Honda Pilot
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Ridgeline
Monticello drivers can save big on Honda vehicles with our affordable lease deals, finance offers, and new-car specials.

Should You Buy or Lease?

People in Princeton who don't mind switching cars every few years and are fine with mileage limitations will probably want to lease. You'll be able to get a new car every three years or so with all the updated features. With a Honda lease, Little Falls drivers only pay for the length of the lease, rather than the full price of the car. Other lease advantages include: 

  • A lower down payment, or maybe none at all!
  • Lower monthly payments.
  • Less sales tax.
  • A good tax write-off.
  • Lower repair costs because the vehicle is still under the factory warranty for the duration of the lease.
When the lease ends, people in Cold Spring, MN can re-lease the car, lease a different one, or buy the vehicle they had been leasing for the residual price. If you think you might modify the car, or you don't want mileage restrictions, a finance offer may be the best route to take.

Let the Finance Experts at Luther St. Cloud Honda Advise You

The skilled financing specialists at Luther St. Cloud Honda want you to have a plan you're comfortable with. We'll fully explain all your options so you can better decide what's best. Be sure to ask us about available finance specials, lease offers, or lease specials that could save you money. To move things along quicker, Waite Park drivers can apply for financing online. Contact us, or visit Luther St. Cloud Honda in person to explore all the possibilities.